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Welfare situation

1. The company provides accommodation: staff accommodation standards according to the title single room to 4 world inequality, the above are equipped with air conditioning room, independent bathroom and shower room, balcony, Each floor are telephone, hot water supply.

2. The company has a factory car shuttle live in urban areas staff and sooner or later; Every year the company organization to a free travel; A month for the birthday staff to celebrate or delivering gifts.

3. The company for each on-the-job employees purchase XianJin.

4. Annual bonus.

Working environment

1. The new factory, spacious and bright, the environment is comfortable, ventilation effect is good;

2. Working intensity is small, moderate pace of work.

The living environment

1. The company offers a beautiful environment employees living quarters, dormitory area living facilities equipped: restaurant, supermarket, Internet bar, library, a barber shop, a post office, clinic, recreation room, basketball court, sports venues, ATM teller machine, etc from soup to nuts.

2. Has full-time security officer, dormitory administrator for professional management and safety patrol, security and considerate close management allows you to avoid the trouble back at home.

3. Corporate culture and rich and colorful activities birthday party (send small gifts), annual dinner, outstanding staff


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Plush toys

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Model toys

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